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Working on basic principles of frequent air changes per hour within a contained environment and matched airflow filtration, Bed-Air™ provides the ideal link between no protection at all, and whole room isolation.

innovative indoor air quality solutions

Bed-Air™ Medical

Designed specifically to create short-term high level protected environments for immunocompromised patients and those at risk from untreated air. A continuous supply of ISO 6 quality air creates a flow to prevent contaminated air entering the canopy. The uniform downward airflow ranges from 40 to 80 ACH depending on the canopy size being used.

Applications include BMT, organ transplant, pulmonology, asthma, critical allergies, burns and pollution.

  • Multi stage filtration
  • Dual speed airflow
  • Filter time remaining display
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • ISO5 supplied air quality


Within just a few minutes in an uncontrolled environment the air under the Medical canopy usually reaches ISO6 particulate levels. This is the same as ISO 14644-1 Class 6 Cleanrooms, or the very cleanest operating theatres.

innovative indoor air quality solutions

Bed-Air™ ISO

Bed-Air™ ISO removes aerosols that are contaminated with viral or bacterial content using a continual negative flow that ensures nothing escapes from the canopy. The ISO version has an integral pulsed ionization disinfection system to reduce microbiology contained in the filters.

Applications include short-term isolation for patients with SARS, Flu, MERS, TB and Norovirus.

  • Specifications as above; but in addition:

  • ION Burst internal disinfection
  • Recycling air or full extraction facility
  • Aerosol extraction kinetic of 99% in under 3 minutes
  • ‘No touch’ filter containment
  • Better than 99.995% particulate removal


The ISO version removes 99% of introduced aerosol challenge within 3 minutes. Sneezing, coughing and breath-generated particles are removed with up to 80 air changes per hour (ach). This is over 6 times the CDC and WHO recommended air volume exchanges for airborne infectious isolation rooms.

Future Developments

Bed-Air™ Ltd has an active research and development strategy by working with key medical and healthcare institutions; our ability to respond rapidly to the current needs of carers and patients alike is key to our early successes. Continual development is based on the growing challenges being experienced in hospitals across the world. We know that every market, country and society has different needs, but our ambition with the Bed-Air™ range is to enable any hospital to provide optimum care to patients, speedily and safely, within limited budgets and in all conditions. Our future is directly related to your needs.



Does it meet with existing guidelines for PE and AIIRs?2021-04-10T08:56:12+00:00

In most cases yes! However, some of the existing guidelines are now more than 30 years old and the Bed-Air™ system has moved forward. This is a new concept with measured performance levels far in excess of the old guidelines.

For protective isolation

  • CIBMTR/EBMT specify 12 ACH (air changes per hour), HEPA H14 filtration, and positive pressure at 2.5Pascals
  • Bed-Air™ Medical provides ISO5 air at 80 to 110m3/hr using positive displacement to give up to 110ach

For protective isolation

  • CDC require 12 ach, 2,5 Pa pressure differential
  • Bed-Air™ ISO extracts air at 40 to 110ach and uses negative displacement airflow

Factors such as speed of particle removal, recovery rates and quality of air are now recognized as the primary factors for patient and hospital safety.

How long can the patients stay within Bed-Air™?2021-04-10T08:55:05+00:00

Bed-Air™ is not designed for long-term use; the system is for temporary and emergency use when designated rooms are unavailable. If longer-term occupation is anticipated, we recommend that the full bed canopy accessory be used.

Can we connect two canopies to one filter unit?2021-04-10T08:54:42+00:00

No, the structure design is dedicated to one filter unit, as is the airflow and filtration efficiency.

Due to the airflow under the canopy, will the patient feel cold?2021-04-10T08:54:16+00:00

Under the small canopy and at full speed, the downward airflow is 0.043m/sec; a typical rotary ceiling fan will have an airflow of 500ft/min (2.7m/sec) at 1m from floor level. By this comparison we have 60 times less cooling effect than a domestic ceiling fan.

How comfortable will patients feel under the canopy?2021-04-10T08:53:54+00:00

We have used high clarity plastic and limited the visual impact of the support structure to make the canopy feel less claustrophobic, some people may find the first few hours unusual but as they will still be able to see and talk with the ward staff as normal it is usually quite acceptable. Children can decorate their own canopy with fun adhesive-free stickers to make them more at ease.

Will the filter unit work outside the canopy?2021-04-10T08:53:30+00:00

There may be some beneficial impact in the room, but it will be minimal. The concept is to make the canopy itself ‘The room’.

In an emergency ward, which model (Medical or ISO) should be used?2021-04-10T08:53:03+00:00

It depends entirely on the patient’s needs. For asthma, breathing issues (emphysema etc.) and allergies, the Medical version is the right choice. If the patient is showing symptoms of infection (fever, nausea, etc.) then we recommend the ISO version. BUT, the clinician in charge must validate this decision at the time.

Where can I use Bed-Air™?2021-04-10T08:52:42+00:00

Anywhere! As long as there is a mains power supply the system can be used in any room condition or size, even outside.

What is the life of the canopy?2021-04-10T08:52:03+00:00

This depends on the protocols set up by each individual hospital. For protective use the canopy can be easily cleaned using normal disinfectant wipes and it will be ready for use again. If it has been used for infectious isolation, we recommend it is disposed of and a new one used for the next case.

When do I need to change the filters?2021-04-10T08:51:39+00:00

Bed-Air™ has a timer function to alert the user when it is time to change. It also has a countdown timer to give advance warning. If the air conditions are especially poor and the filter becomes clogged before the exchange time pressure sensors will alert the need for change. Normal duration is 2400 hours.

How easy is it to set up?2021-04-10T08:51:15+00:00

One person can normally set up the system in 5 minutes and it will be ready for use immediately. A demonstration video can be seen through a link on the website.

In infectious containment (ISO) where does the treated air go?2021-04-10T08:49:17+00:00

The filtration system features better than H14 performance and has an internal disinfection process so it is safe for the air to be recycled within the room. If the room has some extraction or an external window we can provide an additional flexible extraction hose or duct to remove the air fully from the room.

Will Bed-Air™ provide pressure differential?2021-04-10T08:50:12+00:00

No, it works on a very different principal using air displacement. The volume of air and speed of delivery create a barrier between the canopy and the external environment.

What is Bed-Air™ used for?2021-04-10T08:50:51+00:00

The Bed-Air™ systems can be used for protective isolation Medical, or for infectious containment ISO. Every clinician will have his or her own specific need, but usually protection is for immunosuppressed patients and containment is used for infected patients.


Technical Comparison Between Bed-Air Medical & Bed-Air ISO.

Features Bed-Air Medical Bed-Air ISO
Technology BPF ‘Balanced Pressure Filtration’ BPF ‘Balanced Pressure Filtration’ & Bio-destruction
Microbial Destruction Filtration of Microbes Destruction of Microbes
Application To provide ultra-clean air to one bed in a contaminated environment or in multiple bed rooms To isolate infected patients in one bed in a non secure environment (multi bed wards)
Should be used for Immune compromised patients requiring protective isolation. Patients infected with TB, Flu, MERS-Cov, SARS, etc.
Air Flow Pattern Unidirectional downward airflow within the canopy Extraction from the canopy through the structure
Air Flow Speed Up-to 112 m3/hr Up-to 112 m3/hr
Canopy Life Upto 1 Year Disposable
Filter Life 3600 Hours 3600 Hours
Filter Unit Takes environmental air, purified in the filter unit and delivered to the canopy structure. Takes contaminated air from the canopy (infected patient) purifies it in the filter unit, removes aerosolised material & extracts to the room or outside
Safety Supplied air at < ISO6 with better than 99.99% Extracts contaminated air from the canopy and filters at H14 with internal biocidal feature, and can be ducted from the room.
Installation Setup in minutes, easy to use. Setup within 5 minutes & it will be ready for use immediately. Additional ducting may be needed for room extraction

Additional Features:

  • A Special Filter POD is made for filter replacement to avoid the hand contact to ensure total safety.
  • Canopies are available at 4ft & 6 ft lengths for simple short-term isolation or full bed containment for longer term patient care
  • Medical services are provided to the patient through sealed ports on the rear panel and drip stands can be accommodated under the canopy as normal.


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