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A novel concept designed to provide a safer environment for round-table or 1-2-1 meetings. Air is drawn into the base of the unit at 360° across the table surface and, following multi stage HEPA filtration, is ejected vertically at speed to enhance the airflow pattern.

All participants around the meeting table will have air drawn from them to the centre, which will prevent exhaled air (containing potentially hazardous aerosols) from reaching the other individuals.

Meeting-Air has a 360-degree inlet at the base which draws air through 2.8m2 of medical grade (H14) pleated HEPA filter which removes all particles over 0.3µm. There are three speed settings – the two lower speeds are designed to minimise disturbance during a meeting, and a third ‘boost’ speed (up to 250m3/hour) is available for removing excess aerosols before or after a meeting.

Technical Specifications
Electrical supply 240V 50/60Hz
Max power 2A(24V)
Electrical safety Detachable lead, 24V DC circuit
Dimensions (Diameter x H) 45 x 28cm
Noise levels 20-38dB (50dB on boost mode)
Weight 4.8kg
Filtration Prefilter, HEPA, Carbon
Airflow Up to 24Qm3/hr
Filter life Up to 12 months*


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