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protect-air. Developing high level protection from airborne pathogens in any environment.

The ultimate solution for clean air in open plan offices

desk-air: workstation air quality management in shared office spaces.

By using a desktop extraction vent with an integral prefilter, the desk-air system creates multiple negative flow desktops linked to one high efficiency HEPA filtration unit. Up to 6 workstations can be installed creating a one-way airflow away from the desk through discreet ducting either underneath the desks or behind desk dividers.

Clean air in the healthcare, home or office environment.

room-air: a standalone air cleaner with exceptional filtration performance

Featuring multiple layer filtration and activated carbon the room-air will remove aerosols containing viruses, bacteria and fungi from the room day and night. The vertical profile uses very little floor space and helps create ‘whole room airflow’ to filter air in every corner.

The robust construction and integrated wheels give added durability and mobility with a simple two-button operation to cover all settings.

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We are shipping emergency Bed-Air ISO systems to India next week to create isolation pods in multiple bed wards – full story update in May.


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